Peer Mediation Program

The peer mediation is a program meant to resolve conflicts in schools non-violently by use of students as third parties or mediators. The involved mediators are given basic mediation skills that will empower them during the intervention process. The program has been in place for the few days and indeed has enormously constructed paradigm shift in conflict prevention, articulation and transformation in our school.

The program has empowered students to learn to resolve disputes by themselves and reduce the time spend by the staff in handling discipline cases like administration of suspension and expulsions.

Mediation Prgram members

Peer mediation program has motivated students to embrace non-violent intervention skills like “I choose dialogue”, “you are because we are” (Team work), Conflict Sensitivity and Awareness, Increased group activities and coaching.

In conclusion we welcome all to learn more about peer mediation process and its enormous dividends in our individual lives and society at large.

By Onyonka

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