The school has 10 Classrooms, 2 Computer labs,2 Science laboratories, 1 library, 1 Staff room,  6 H.O.D offices, 1 Food store, 1 Workshop, 6 Dormitories, 1 Material store, Deputy Principal’s office, Accounts office, Principal’s office, dining Hall/Kitchen, 12 doors of pit latrines,  7 teachers houses, 2 plastic tanks, 1 football pitch, 2 volleyball pitches, 1 basketball pitch, 1 badminton pitch, 2 underground tanks, a generator, a 51 seater school bus, 2 support staff houses, 1 photo printing machine.
The school benefited from the economic stimulus project (ESP) fund from the government in the year 2010 and the facilities put up by Projects at a cost of 30 million are listed below.

 Biology and physics lab

Biology and Physics lab

computer lab

Computer Lab



Dining Hall

Dining Hall


Renovation of chemistry laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory

Economic Activities

 Maize farming

school farm

     Vegetable farming

dairy animals

     A dairy unit of 5 cows



Kilgoris Boys High school was established in 1969 as an academic institution to provide education to children of Maasai …

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Peer Mediation Program

The peer mediation is a program meant to resolve conflicts in schools non-violently by use of students as third parties or mediators. The involved …

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